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European Liberals for Reform is a think tank based on liberal values and the vision of a United Europe.

We are convinced European liberals who want to shape European politics. We share our experience and knowledge with each other in our working groups and discuss ideas and visions, how to improve European politics as European policy has a great influence on our lives. However, many people are not even aware about how the European Union works or about the development of liberal values and politics in Non-EU countries and that is also something we want to change. For us, Europe is not just politics. We want to discover our continent together and want to debunk prejudices that might have arisen.

European Liberals for Reform is a group of liberal and democratic individuals who wish to reform European politics and liberal politics in such a way that it benefits all of us. We care for more transparency, more democracy, more freedom, more efficiency and more efficacy.

What can you expect from your ELfR membership?

  • A community of liberals, where you can discuss your ideas and plans for a liberal Europe
  • Regular, free webinars on interesting topics
  • Participation in our thematic working groups
  • Support for your European Citizen Initiatives
  • Support for your candidacy in a liberal party
  • Our blog as a platform to spread your ideas of a reformed Europe
  • Having a real say in the direction of ELfR by working on our manifesto and resolutions
  • Regular meetings between the ELfR board and the members
  • Member appreciation, you will not be a number for us, but member in our liberal family
  • Different team building activities provided to our members
  • The ELfR Anti-bullying policy

You receive all of the above mentioned benefits and much more with an annual membership fee of only 20,00 €!

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