Can Europe survive without Russian gas and oil?

Webinar: Russian Propaganda and disinformation milestones against the West since 1999

25 February: Ukraine, Europe and the West under attack: Putin’s dangerous chess game

16 February: Nuclear and renewable energies: Discussion – Panel

– Anders Basbøll (AIM Steering Committee President)
– Ben Burgers (ELfR President)
– Claudia Gasparrini (Ph.D. in nuclear materials)
– Paweł Kołodziejczyk (modelling and simulation expert)
Moderator: Piotr Azia

Feedback of the participants:

  • The positions on nuclear power are interesting and shared (I am part of an Italian association called #AtomiPerLaPace #AtomForPeace)”
  • “I enjoyed he pragmatism and more information about the pros and cons of nuclear energy”
  • “Interesting discussion about nuclear energy”
  • “I really enjoyed the diversity of remarks and evolutionary point of views.”

7 February: Get the Children Out! Forgotten Heroes of the Kindertransport

Speaker: Mike Levy

Moderator: Piotr Azia

Mike’s book is available on:

3 February: Metropa The European Supermetro Network Vision to Become Reality?

Speaker: Stefan Frankenberg

Moderation: Piotr Azia

Metropa website:

24 January: Modelling and simulation based on examples from transportation and health care with Paweł Kołodziejczyk 24 January 2022

Moderator: Ben Burgers

Feedback from participants:

  • “Clear presentation, even for non-specialists. The final simulation, of pandemic spread and control was particularly interesting, considering our global predicament. I wish we could see more high quality, clearly presented simulations of this type.”
  • “Interesting webinar, I am glad to have joined! Speaker was well prepared and made it easily understandable.”
  • “Pawel highlighted the importance of informed policy making. Even though models and simularions aren’t a perfect way of predicting the future and alternative timelines, at least they provide a window into what consequences a policy decision could incur. Definitely worth repeating and expanding upon.”

Paweł has kindly provided a copy of the presentation:

10 January: “Prospects for political change in Russia and Europe’s role in this transformation”

Temporarily removed

Moderator: Piotr Azia

Feedback from participants:

  • “Very informative about the Russian regime and what can be done in short and long term to change Russia in a democratic way.”
  • “European Liberals for Reform has offered yet again another interesting webinar with a great discussion after the presentation of both speakers.”
  • “Thank you for these insights given into Russian politics. There were things mentioned I didn’t know or wasn’t aware about.”
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