ELfR Panel discussion: Disinformation and Media Literacy on 20.12.2021


Dietmar Pichler, Co-Founder of Center for Digital Media Literacy, Austria
Dietmar Pichler is board member for International Relations at Vienna goes Europe, programmatic Director and co-founder of the “Center for Digital Media Literacy” and a political strategist at “Unlimited democracy“.

Emanuele Lombardini, Journalist & Editor-in-chief of the ELfR blog, Italy
Emanuele Lombardini, born in the middle of Italy in 1975. Journalist. He works with Avvenire, third italian generalist newspapers by numbers of readers and two others national editorial group. Europe and Europe related topics addicted. Libdem, federalist.

Theresa Zettl, Social Media & Digital Marketing Expert, Germany
Theresa Zettl is co-founder of European Liberals for Reform and just got recently elected into the ALDE Individual Members Steering Committee with the term starting on January, 1st 2022. With her work in the Social Media field, she is regularly faced with disinformation, conspiracy theories and false facts.

Moderator: Piotr Azia

Feedback from the participants:

  • “I enjoyed getting to know the situation of disinformation in different European countries and how fact-checking is done.”
  • “I thought the contributions of the panelists were excellent!”
  • “I really liked the exchange of views on a very interesting topic.”
  • “It was a great webinar. Many thanks to ELfR for organizing it. Its just a pity it was too short.”
  • “Although I knew most of it, It was informative, easy-to-understand and well-moderated.”

European Liberals for Reform Webinar: “How can we prevent future pandemics?” on 07.12.2021

Speaker: Prof. Saikat Basu, Ph.D. of South Dakota State University
Moderation: Theresa Zettl

Feedback from the participants:

  • “Prof Basu is clearly an expert and it was so interesting to listen to him. The application of fluid dynamics to infection control was fascinating.”
  • “I like the factual and scientific angle of the presentation to help humanity cope with future pandemics. well done! I like the different recommendations that were proposed by the professor as an extra layer of defense that could help keep societies open despite the pandemic and the prescriptive mechanism that could help governments make better decisions or measure the societal and public health ramifications of each measure in advance.”
  • “I liked it the most a part about bio-inspired filter design.”
  • “Information provided both on scientific and well explained communication.”
  • “Thank you for this very interesting webinar it was also very educational. The information about those masks and those nose sprays is also very well, in fact, we all learned a lot of it”
  • “I had the mixed feeling of both fantastic and almost too good to be true – especially that nasal spray improvement.”

European Liberals for Reform Webinar: “Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery” on 22.11.2021

Speaker: Geoff Corre, Locate International
Moderation: Piotr Azia

Feedback from the participants:

  • “Wonderful presentation and very open-minded. Thank you so much.”
  • “Very informative and interesting presentation.”
  • “It was absolutely a high quality webinar with a speaker who knows his field very well. Despite the serious topic it was a pleasure listening to Geoff Corre.”
  • “Excellent meeting – and an informed discussion”
  • “I think that this was so far one of the best presentations, one could see that he is an expert and knows about facts and situations.”

European Liberals for Reform Webinar: “Cryptocurrencies” on 28.09.2021

Speaker: Vladan Lausevic
Moderation: Ben Burgers

Cryptocurrencies are more popular than ever but what is their “real” meaning and practice? Why should people use crypto in their everyday life instead of usual paper money? In this webinar, Vladan Lausevic will give you an overview and will discuss how cryptocurrencies are important for human rights, community organizing and human progress.

European Liberals for Reform Webinar: “Basic Income in Europe” on 19.07.2021

Speaker: Vladan Lausevic
Moderation: Theresa Zettl

Basic income is an old but still a “radical” idea of governments providing individuals with direct money instead of welfare programs as benefits, coupon or food. It is also an idea of social change when it comes to working ethics, human self-development and climate-friendly economic and social life. Basic income has been highlighted during recent years because of the public experiment in Finland 2017-2019, for the first time at the national level in history. Ideas of basic income connect people from left to right in politics and because of recent development as the Covid-19 pandemic interest in and support for basic income has increased globally. Historically, basic income is also an idea connected to liberal ideology with thinkers as Thomas Paine and Milton Friedman who have advocated basic public support in order to handle poverty and social exclusion.

Vladan Lausevic is a member of the Unconditional Basic Income Europe network (https://ubie.org/). He has written several articles in Swedish and English on the topic of basic income, including from a liberal perspective due to his earlier political activism as in ALDE. He argues that the current welfare systems as in Sweden are too bureaucratic, expensive and often benefiting already wealthy citizens rather than being more efficient and sustainable in relation to post-industrial development.

European Liberals for Reform Webinar: Hungary – Development of Parliamentary Democracy since 2010 on 07.07.2021

Speaker: Máté Bozóky
Moderation: Theresa Zettl

We all have seen the tremendous change in democracy and the rising abandonment of democratic values in Hungary in the last decade. We would like to give you an insight of how the Hungarian parliamentary democracy has been threatened since 2010. Hungarian citizens are not adequately represented along the values of the European Union and the role of the Hungarian political opposition is also rather questionable.

Máté Bozóky is an ALDE Individual member since January 2020. He was born in Hungary and moved to the Netherlands in August 2020. As he sees the development in his home country very critical, he wants to give us an insight into the development in Hungary. Máté won an essay competition organised by the European Hungarian Society and his essay “Remember the future” was published in NÉPSZAVA, the biggest Hungarian newspaper. (Read more: https://www.europatarsasag.hu/en/news…)

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