Emanuele Lombardini is our editor-in-chief. He is an experienced journalist, a Libdem, Italian and passionate European.

David Talbot is our English language editor. As a native speaker he will brush up our blog posts. David is based in the United Kingdom.

Theresa Zettl is the “founding mother” of “European Liberals for Reform” and will support the editor’s team. She is Social Media and Digital Marketing expert based in Germany.

Piotr Azia, is Polish-Italian, but he feels more European than anything else. His contributions range from the media to culture, the environment and geopolitics – and any subject that may merit discussing from a liberal point of view. Piotr also organises ELfR webinars – get in touch if you have a subject you’d like to discuss or see included in future


Johannes Eber is based in Berlin and founder of his Pro-European blog “Good morning Europe”. We are happy to publish his articles on ELfR as well.

Vladan Lausevic is active as opinion-maker and co-founder of Syntropia community for democracy based in Sweden.

Máté Bozóky won an essay competition organised by the European Hungarian Society and his essay “Remember the future” was published in NÉPSZAVA, the biggest Hungarian newspaper. He is based in the Netherlands and specializes in European Studies.

You can reach out to our blog team via blog@elfr.eu

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