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We speak with ‌Professor Peter Shirlow (FaCSS), Director at the University of Liverpool’s Institute of Irish Studies about the Northern Ireland Protocol and its future perspectives within a historical context.

Moderated by: Geoff Corre and Piotr Azia

Prof. Peter Shirlow

‌Professor Peter Shirlow (FaCSS) is the Director at the University of Liverpool’s Institute of Irish Studies. He was formerly the Deputy Director of the Institute for Conflict Transformation and Social Justice, QUB. He is the Independent Chair of the Executive Office’s Employers’ Guidance on Recruiting People with Conflict-Related Convictions Working Group and a board member of the mental health charity Threshold. He is a Visiting Research Professor at the Senator George J. Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice. He sits on the editorial boards of Irish Political Studies and International Planning Studies.

Professor Shirlow has undertaken conflict transformation work in Northern Ireland and has used that knowledge in exchanges with governments, former combatants and NGOs in the former Yugoslavia, Moldova, Bahrain and Iraq, He has also presented talks to members of the US Senate and House of Representatives and is a regular media contributor.

He has recently undertaken several reports and surveys regarding the Protocol which he argues shows more inter-community consensus than is assumed.

A recent opinion piece by Prof. Shirlow:

Why Chris Heaton-Harris and Steve Baker mean instability for Northern Ireland

OPINION: No wonder a trade deal with the US is off the table – look at Truss’s new Northern Ireland ministers

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ELfR webinar 19:30 CET 10 October: Northern Ireland and the Protocol: Who is going to protect the ecosystem?

Piotr Azia

Piotr Azia, Polish-Italian, I feel more European than anything else. My contributions range from the media to culture, the environment and geopolitics – and any subject that may merit discussing from a liberal point of view. I also organise ELfR webinars – get in touch if you have a subject you’d like to discuss or see included in future

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