Germany’s dangerous dependence on energy imports

In Germany, the discussion has focused very much on what Germany no longer wants, namely electricity from nuclear power and electricity from coal-fired power. However, if Germany does not succeed in transforming their energy system in such a way that they can replace these power generation capacities with renewable energies, then this will lead to Germany importing precisely this electricity, i.e. nuclear power from their western neighbors and coal-fired power from their eastern neighbors.

The war in Ukraine highlights Germany’s dangerous dependence: Not only natural gas is imported from the east, but also oil and coal. Power plants, factories and domestic heating systems are threatened with standstill if supplies are cut off.

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The Russia-Europe Conflict

about one country in the very east of Europe, it is about all of Europe. Russian President Vladimir Putin has no problem with Ukraine, but with Europe and the pro-European attitude of the majority of people living in Ukraine.

Read more in this article by our guest writer Kati Schneeberger and feel invited to attend our free Webinar: “Putin’s dangerous chess game: Ukraine, Europe and the West under attack” with Kati Schneeberger on 25.02.2022 at 20:30 CET

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The logic of sanctions – or: Why gas pipelines won’t decide the Ukraine conflict

Much of the world wants to prevent Putin’s Russia from invading Ukraine. The means of prevention: setting the price, Putin would have to pay, as high as possible. The west has ruled out military means to inflate the price. For a good reason. The costs of a military conflict between Russia on the one hand and Europa and the USA on the other would be immense, not just for Putin.

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